International Klein Blue

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Yves Klein is one of the most influential European artists. Klein was also a conceptual artist, working primarily in the sixties. Born in France, 1922 he was raised having strong faith in religion and spirituality. Klein loved the color blue. In fact he loved the color so, he created a new color along side with a chemist friend. He had the color patented, and used the it in most of his work. The new blue shade is called International Klein Blue, and hardly sold in stores. Religion and spirituality being such a big part of his life, Klein wanted to bring it into his art work. Using International Klein Blue and naked models, he would cover the women in paint and instruct them to press there bodies up against the canvas. He wanted to show the physical energy and spirit the women had as they helped make these paintings. The work is true to the women’s bodies and minds. His idea about art is interesting. Like Duchamp, when doing the body paintings, he physically wasn’t doing any work. He would stand back and give instructions while the naked women made the paintings. The idea of letting go the control over your work is an extremely conceptual idea. Also while working on the body pieces, Klein would make the work into a performance piece, having the women make the paintings in front of an audience. The piece not only was about the outcome, but also the process in which the work was made. As a conceptual artist, Klein is one of the most famous during his time. His ideas about art were original, and very conceptual.



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Conceptual art. Most might be thinking, what the heck is that? Conceptual art is art that deals more with the concept behind the work, then the actual materials or the overall aesthesis. Many famous artist deal with the idea of concept being the key ingredient in their work. Started from the beginning of conceptual art, comes the genius artist, Marcel Duchamp. Duchamp become most known for his readymades, in particular “The Fountain”. “The Fountain” is an upside down urinal signed with the name R. Mutt, which is clearly not his name. This work was extremely controversial because some people did not consider this to be art work. He had no physical relationship with it besides turning it upside down and marking it with a false name. To others this very piece, along with many other of his works is the complete opposite. His work is the perfect example of conceptual art, where the idea is more important than the materials or overall look. Duchamp’s work uses every day materials and places them in ways that aren’t expected, or normally seen. He takes every day objects and adds some obscure title to the work and calls is art. He makes the viewer question the value and meaning of the every day objects. Duchamp’s work is very intriguing in that he makes you question what is art? an on going question that will probably never me answered. Because if fact What is art? It is different for everyone, and never the same for anyone. His work blurs the line between what is real, and what isn’t, what is reality and what is art.

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I found an interesting¬†article while searching about factories in China reproducing old and new famous art works for profit. Many contemporary artist feel that these Chinese factories and ripping off their art and want the factories to close. Being an artist myself I found this article to be interesting to read about. I can understand why this would be a major issue to artists around the world. Factories in China are profitting from work that isn’t their own and devaluing the work.

Reading the news today I found out that Jessica Alba, an actress in many famous movies such as the “Fantastic Four”, “Honey”, “Sin City”, “Good Luck Chuck” and most recently “The Eye” is pregnant. She is expecting in the spring sometime. The beautiful actress says that she is looking forward to being a mother. To me this was shocking news, as I didn’t even realize that she had a boyfriend. The actress will be taking time off from her work to focus on being a first time mother. She also mentions that she has put some thought into marriage to her fiance Cash Warren.