International Klein Blue


Yves Klein is one of the most influential European artists. Klein was also a conceptual artist, working primarily in the sixties. Born in France, 1922 he was raised having strong faith in religion and spirituality. Klein loved the color blue. In fact he loved the color so, he created a new color along side with a chemist friend. He had the color patented, and used the it in most of his work. The new blue shade is called International Klein Blue, and hardly sold in stores. Religion and spirituality being such a big part of his life, Klein wanted to bring it into his art work. Using International Klein Blue and naked models, he would cover the women in paint and instruct them to press there bodies up against the canvas. He wanted to show the physical energy and spirit the women had as they helped make these paintings. The work is true to the women’s bodies and minds. His idea about art is interesting. Like Duchamp, when doing the body paintings, he physically wasn’t doing any work. He would stand back and give instructions while the naked women made the paintings. The idea of letting go the control over your work is an extremely conceptual idea. Also while working on the body pieces, Klein would make the work into a performance piece, having the women make the paintings in front of an audience. The piece not only was about the outcome, but also the process in which the work was made. As a conceptual artist, Klein is one of the most famous during his time. His ideas about art were original, and very conceptual.


~ by klineb582 on Friday, February 8, 2008.

One Response to “International Klein Blue”

  1. I thought the concept of allowing for so much freedom and individual interpretation in Klein’s art was fascinating. It must’ve been very interesting to watch! I also thought the actual color he used was so bright and different–very cool.

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