I found an interesting article while searching about factories in China reproducing old and new famous art works for profit. Many contemporary artist feel that these Chinese factories and ripping off their art and want the factories to close. Being an artist myself I found this article to be interesting to read about. I can understand why this would be a major issue to artists around the world. Factories in China are profitting from work that isn’t their own and devaluing the work.

Reading the news today I found out that Jessica Alba, an actress in many famous movies such as the “Fantastic Four”, “Honey”, “Sin City”, “Good Luck Chuck” and most recently “The Eye” is pregnant. She is expecting in the spring sometime. The beautiful actress says that she is looking forward to being a mother. To me this was shocking news, as I didn’t even realize that she had a boyfriend. The actress will be taking time off from her work to focus on being a first time mother. She also mentions that she has put some thought into marriage to her fiance Cash Warren.


~ by klineb582 on Friday, January 25, 2008.

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  1. There seems to a problem with this link, but judging from the name, it seems to a blog. Couple of questions: 1) Why do you find it interesting (as an artist)? What about it specifically? And 2) any news articles of interest?

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